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Blue Maeve Journal Co

discbound refill paper that honors your amazing multidimensional self


From organizing your day to scribing your sacred dreams….there’s something tangible about writing by hand

Blue Maeve Paper
Background art infuses PURPOSE + INSPIRATION into everyday paper


Our first product was a journal, and actually, it wasn’t originally a business idea, it was me wanting something specific that didn’t exist.   That’s a theme in my life; the paradox of being born hippy-hearted and trained from an early age in logic and business.   

But, as it turns out, I am not the only one trying to knit together the fragments of a multidimensional, and sometimes paradoxical, self.  


About Blue Maeve Journal Co

As a business, our goals are:

  • to add light & positivity
  • offer inspiring, functional products
  • run a heart-centered & mutually-respectful business that’s a joy to work with

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback we’d love to hear from you. 



founder, Blue Maeve Journal Co

About Simona

Hi, I’m Simona Vivi.

My favorite parts of life’s adventure have been the health-full, harmonious, love-filled times.  But, being a human life, my journey also includes complicated times.  

Navigating WHAT IS has challenged me to let go of certain ‘shoulds’ and honor the ‘AND ALSO’s’ of being human. 

As true for the big choices in life as it is for the day-to-day.  So bringing it back around to why you are probably here (the PAPER!),  🙂 I’m curious…

…what’s your take on list-making? Love it or not so much?

For me, that satisfaction of crossing things off my to-do list offers a mini-burst of joy. AND ALSO… sometimes it’s not about the list at all.  Alongside my ‘handles-what-needs-to-be-handled’ self, I love to journal, write, and doodle.

I’ve gotta tell you, as a working mother the free time is usually limited.  So, over the years I’ve had to find creative ways to express myself, WHILE I handle everything on my plate.

Through trial and error, I found ways to weave my full self into the life I am actually leading.  Living an integrated life, while still getting everything done is what inspired the mandala-series of discbound refill paper.  No more dividing life into compartments. 

May we all get to honor our full selves everyday. 

Wishing you the beautiful co-existence of all of the many aspects of your humanness!!


High Quality

I love the quality of these pages.  It’s a great size too (I have the junior size / 8 rings).

I like that there are a variety of background image types and I also like that they aren’t too bold, so they don’t distract when you write on the pages.

Invest in a small business and in this product, well worth it!

Shannon Densmore

Quality and simplicity

I really liked the simplicity of the designs, spacing of the lines, and the weight of the paper.  Suits my needs perfectly!

amazon buyer

Good Way to Stay on Track


I love how this journal both gives me the freedom to write without constraints, but also guides me to be in touch with my thoughts and goals. 

It’s beautiful and has an optimistic, hopeful feel.

As a busy, working mom it’s very difficult to carve out time out for self-care and to be “mindful.” Writing in this journal has been such a great tool. It’s helped me to be more committed to taking care of myself, be organized and to remain focused on what I want to accomplish, personally and professionally.


I love this paper!

It goes beautifully with the Shakti Journal.  I love how I can just add a few or as many pages as I need for journaling or notes with the discbound system.

The paper is nice quality, heaveweight, and it takes a fountain pen well.

Highly recommend!

Jessica Carr

Space to ideate

I love the size of the Mandala Notebook and the smoothness of the pages.  I thought I would use it for my journal, but find that the spaciousness lends itself beautifully to ideation.

Love the light mandala imprint on each page.

amazon buyer

Perfect for a first-time or experienced journaler

This is my first time regularly using a journal and the Shakti journal makes it easy and enjoyable.  I love the prompts- really helps me with focusing my thoughts and myself for the day ahead.  

The refillable and blank pages give me extra room for my thoughts.  The designes are so pretty but subtle so they don’t compete with your writing.  The paper is nice and thick so even if I use markers, it doesn’t bleed through.

Highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new journal!

Aryn J Folkman

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