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There are still a few bundles of Blue Maeve paper available at Amazon while supplies last.   

Sweet endings.  Life’s adventure continues, new paths emerge.   Wishing you all the best today and always.  Onward!  ~the Blue Maeve Team

Blue Maeve Journal Co

discbound refill paper that honors your amazing, multidimentional self

Welcome to Blue Maeve Journal Co.  You can find your favorite Blue Maeve products at select stores and on Amazon.  

Customer Favorites

Discbound filler paper

available in Dragonfly, Lotus Flower, Mandala


inspired paper

Background art infuses PURPOSE + INSPIRATION into everyday paper.  Paper that honors your amazing, multidimensional self



Watch this video to see how to refill your discbound notebook



Move pages around easily. Plus, you can add or remove pages. Watch this video to see how:


Great for creative types!

I love this paper!  It is great if you are a doodler!  It helps me think creatively when I am in meetings and destress when I am not.

Great for those that love paper organizing!

Robin T

Highly recommended!

This paper is awesome!  The mandala and lotus designs add an elegant touch without distracting or interfering with note-taking or journaling.  They’re also fun to color in or doodle around if you’re so inclined.

I can’t wait for the next series of these refills to come out.

Eve Torney

Beautiful, Quality Paper

I LOVE this paper!  Not only is it beautifully designed, but the pages are made of high-quality, good thickness paper.

I highly recommend – whether you’re filling the Shakti Journal (which I am) or adding to your own notebook.


It’s a great tool!

I ordered the two-pack, one for me and one for my daughter.  We both love it!

Two thumbs up!  Really enjoy how quick and easy it can make journaling, but also allows the flexibility to get more in depth when you want to or have the time!


Fantastic journal for developing your relationship to self.

This has been a wonderful experience that opened me to a new way of journaling and self inquiry.

I’m a seasoned journaler and while I mostly use free form writing, I have tried other journals with prompts and the Shaki Journal prompts allow for a much broader expression of self.

The combination of the prompts and free pages spark a great sense of expansiveness

Angela Wilkinson

Nice way to stay calm during the day.

I can focus for 2-5 mins to draw when the day gets hard to calm my nerves.  Great product for drawing and taking notes.


To learn more about Blue Maeve, check out the Blue Maeve About Page.